Our Leather

The leather we use to make our hand crafted products are from best quality Cow Hide available.

The Floater leather used to make products are initially drum dyed to various colours and then milled to get the natural grain effect.It is very soft and has a good hand feel to it.Totally there are 8 different processes the leather goes through to get the final floater leather we use.It is then cut into various components by hand and then stitched using the finest stitching machines.

The Patent Leather used is tanned(tanning is the process of making raw hide to finished leather we use) to the required colour and a PU film is heat transferred to the leather to get the shiny appearance.It looks very fashionable and is easy to maintain.

The Plain Leather we use is tanned using the drum dyed cationic process to get the natural feel and touch.It has a mat look which enhances the appearance of the product. Again Top Grain Cow Hide is used to make this leather.

The Vintage Plain leather is a special leather developed by us using only Premium Cow Hides. It is treated with various leather oils to get the rugged look yet the feel is soft and velvety.The Vintage leather may vary from one product to another in colour tone, and will have all natural features which exist on the cow hide since it is a naturally dyed product.This is not a defect and should be treated as natural tanned leather.